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ABACO PROIZVODNJA d.o.o. Production of gaming machines
  • e-mail:
  • website:
  • fax: (05) 7641 529
  • mobile: 041 472 741
ADEN d.o.o. Graphic design BIC
ADRAGNA YACHT DESIGN STUDIO PTE. LTD., podružnica v Sloveniji Yacht design INC
ANA HANZEL s.p. Manufacture of ceramics INC
ARTE' ADV d.o.o. Advertising agency BIC
AUDIO GALERIJA, Dušan Hunjadi s.p. Audio devices INC
CNC SERVIS TEAM ELEKTRONIKA BAJC UROŠ s.p. Upgrade, development and installation of controllers and electrical devices for CNC and NC machines INC
CNC SERVIS TEAM MEHATRONIKA MARTINČIČ IZTOK s.p. Development of pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical systems for CNC and NC machines
  • mobile: 041 263 879
CNC SERVIS TEAM – STROJNA MEHANIKA MATJAŽ TAŠIČ s.p. Development, service and general repair of machines, mechanical part of CNC machines and classic machines INC
CUORE d.o.o. Office coffee machines
  • e-mail:
  • telephone: (05) 7304 620
  • fax: (05) 7304 621
  • mobile: 041 529 144
DGTS d.o.o. Air massage systems INC
DOTCOM d.o.o. Information services INK
DTP STUDIO, Čeh Damijan s.p. Pre-press and pre-media services
  • e-mail:
  • website:
  • telephone: (05) 7300 830
  • fax: (05) 7300 835
ELIPTA d.o.o. Computer and information science INC
ERICA VACCARI d.o.o. Inspiring holidays in authentic settings Travel agency/tour operator BIC
FC-MAGUS d.o.o. Research and development activity
  • e-mail:

Gostilna SPARK, Kobal David s.p. Food and beverage service activities INC
GRAFIČNI ATELJE, Samo Brajdih s.p. Pre-press and pre-media services
  • e-mail:
  • telephone: (05) 7300 820
  • fax: (05) 7300 825
GRAMA GS, d.o.o. Production of tube thermoinsulation products INC
KA PLUS d.o.o. Accounting, financial and tax consultancy BIC
KARMEN SERAŽIN s.p. Furniture production INC
KARSUS d.o.o. Construction, engineering and consulting BIC
KASPR Janja Novoselc s.p. Communication consulting and public relations BIC
KOPED d.o.o. Production of metal products with CNC machines and other devices
  • e-mail:
  • website:
  • telephone: (05) 7300 466
  • fax: (05) 7342 109
KYMA d.o.o. Preparation of undulator production INC
L.N.W. d.o.o. Bioremediation and other waste management services BIC
LOZEJ d.o.o. (Poslovalnica Sežana) Safety at work services and other technical
  • e-mail:
  • website:
  • telephone: (05) 7304 719
Maja Sedmak Cvelbar s.p. Psychotherapy INC
MATHITECH d.o.o. Research and development INC
MIKROTOL d.o.o. Manufacture of other tools BIC
  • phone: (05) 7341 676
  • fax: (05) 7341 676
  • mobile: 041 682 556
MR FOTOGRAF, Egidij Rodica s.p. Photography INC
NERO' H2O d.o.o. Research and marketing of health technologies based on ionization, bio-dynamic and water bio-consistency BIC
NEWREFS d.o.o. Marine and industrial HVAC and Refrigeration systems INC
PAOLO TANZE s.p. Breathing coordination INC
S21, Ivan Mikić s.p. Architecture and real estate INC
SAFEN d.o.o. Chemistry laboratory for ecological analysis
  • telephone: (05) 731 35 45
  • mobile: 040 619 372
SLOVENETA d.o.o. SEŽANA Business consulting
  • e-mail:
  • telephone: (05) 7313 600
SPIN IT d.o.o. Online sale INC
STIROLAB d.o.o. Production of equipment for material testing in industrial and educational laboratories
  • e-mail:

Strugarstvo Franetič d.o.o. Treatment of metals INC
SUO TEMPORE, Metka Grča s.p. Body care
TIM INTERNATIONAL d.o.o. Gostinska dejavnost INC
VITIS TECH d.o.o. Development of control systems for the wine industry BIC
ZAVOD SOPOTNIKI Organisation for intergenerational solidarity BIC
SUO TEMPORE METKA GRČA, s.p. Nega telesa - energijske masaže in svetovanje za dobro počutje INK

The activities of Incubator are cofinanced Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.
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